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We are a collective based in Winterthur (CH) who are dedicated to electronic bass music. We are organising dance nights under the name "Reset" @ Kraftfeld, our local club venue.

DJs: Molekül (DnB), FAYYAZ (DnB), Leinholz (Dub/-step), 0xcafebabe (DnB), KERNELPANIC (Jungle), YOOROO (DnB).

Bookings & Newsletter requests via

Collaborations: Subsanity, Kraftfeld, DnB Reflection, Homebass, Habicht (Flyer etc), Sector B.

Past Guests (international): Silent Witness, SCAR, GROUND, FD, Phase, LaMeduza, Ed:it, Nymfo, Minor Forms

Past Guests (local): Rollin John, Juandroid, SNES, Subsanity, switch/case, KYiDEE, Namarone, Keen, Jungle Josy, 'Nade, Ryck, Subkey, K-Base, Sueshi, Triple S, Basemanguy & Shayzm, Hypatia, Delilah, Zunami, Z-Groove, Luke Castle, Yoshi San, Vodkah, Manitu, Zecher, Mad B, Esti, Enslaved By Entertainment, Eroxy, Gaz:elle, Drred


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